Steinjager Cable Ball Joints 90 Degree Plated Steel 100 Pack J0040977

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Universal Cable Ball Joints 90 Degree Plated Steel M8 x 1.25 LH LH 100 Pack

Quantity Per Package: This package includes 100 Ball Joints

Product Name: M6 Metric Ball Joint

Thread: Female M8 x 1.25 LH

Stud Thread: M8 x 1.25 RH

Housing Material: Steel

Rubber Boot: The rubber boot provides some measure of protection for the cavity in the 90° position.

Finish: Zinc Plated

Application: Our metric ball joints are commonly used with push-pull cables, shifter cables, and throttle cables. This style of ball joint is considered 'light duty' and is probably NOT appropriate for suspension products or sway bar end links. The boot is not fully encompassing, and provides limited protection at high angles (ie: these are 'economy' ball joints).

Common Accessories: Push-pull cables, shifter cables, throttle cables